~A Beautiful Life~

Life is beautiful indeed, as long as we see it that way

8 January
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An employee of a toy company branch in Indonesia who cannot help but let her mind wander at times, especially when having too much time or too much pressure at work. I LOVE reading. I can't live without reading anything, newspapers, magazines, books, comics, poems, quotations and the least.. textbook XDD I have wide range of genre, though I have certain interest with history or fiction with strong basis of fact and fantasy, such as Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, Harry Potter, Eragon, and Lord of the Rings. I even have Elvish name that becomes my alias or special name, which is Audriel. Too bad I can't get LJ account for that name >_<

Other than that I also love writing, I even write fanfictions that are posted in Fanfiction.net. Though I'm not thinking as far too publish my own book. Hihihi ^^ Neways, I also love drawing that is influenced mainly by manga (japanese comic) style. And lastly, I love listening to music, I have wide range of genre too. From easy listening, classical, to Rock though not Heavy Metal or anything that hurts my ear XDD